In the center of Freiburg

The Alleehaus is located in the “Marienstraße”, at the edge of the historic centre of Freiburg. By walking south along the beautiful Dreisam river promenade you can reach the centre in five minutes. You will enter the old town through the impressive medieval gate called “Martinstor”. The centre is crisscrossed by charming waterways called “Bächle” that are fed by the Dreisam river—please watch your step! A legend says that whoever steps into a “Bächle” will have to marry a woman (or man) from Freiburg.

Our "Städtle"

At the heart of the city stands the cathedral. On the square at the foot of this awe-inspiring gothic building is the daily market. If you walk from the hotel in the southeast direction, you will reach the city gate known as the “Schwabentor”. Here, you can enjoy the special charm of the “Oberlinden”, “Insel”, “Gerberau” and “Fischerau” sections. A short walk across the shady Adelhauser church square will take you back to the hotel. Note the bronze “Stumbling Stones” embedded in the sidewalk in front of the Alleehaus and throughout Freiburg: they commemorate the Jewish inhabitants who used to live in Freiburg.

Freiburg & Region

Freiburg is located at the edge of the Black Forest in Southwest Germany, near the French and Swiss borders. This location makes Freiburg an ideal starting point for all activities you might want to undertake while you are here. With excellent traffic connections and public transportation, the Alleehaus and Freiburg are a great choice if you plan to visit France and Switzerland or other areas in Southwest Germany during your stay. Day-trip possibilities include a drive in the Black Forest, a trip to the Rhine and Alsace and a boat trip up the Rhine to Basel. All of these destinations are quickly and easily accessible.